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11 | 08 | 2022

The chapel

The Marien Chapel is the spiritual centre of Maternushaus and is dedicated to Saint Mary Magdalene and Saint Maternus, the first bishop of Cologne. It offers our guests the opportunity to attend religious services together on the one hand, and is well suited for individual prayer and meditation on the other.

The altar is made of Verona-red marble and was designed by Elmar Hillebrand. The surrounding relief band shows a grapevine, into which are worked the artistic emblems of musicians, writers, painters, sculptors and actors. The walls of the chapel were painted by Georg Meistermann (born in 1911). In the technique used by Meistermann, the large area of the overall picture is made up of single, thin stokes. The pictures are revealed to the beholder after a detailed examination of the individual works.
Meistermann likewise designed the glass windows in the Marien Chapel with subjects from the Laurentian litany. The holy water font, the tabernacle stele and lights and the altar cross were designed by J. Pechau.