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11 | 08 | 2022

Art and Culture

Our house is not only a place for conferences, celebrations and living.


Contemporary art and culture in the form of exhibitions and screenings is always a firm component of the work in our house.


Here on the one hand you find information about the event Film Breakfast
and to the exhibitions of the Artist Union Cologne

Art and culture in Maternushaus

The chapel
The altar is made of Verona-red marble and was designed by Elmar Hillebrand. The surrounding relief band shows a grapevine, into which are worked the artistic emblems of musicians, writers, painters, sculptors and actors. The walls of the chapel were painted by Georg Meistermann (born in 1911). In the technique used by Meistermann, the large area of the overall picture is made up of single, thin stokes. The pictures are revealed to the beholder after a detailed examination of the individual works.
Meistermann likewise designed the glass windows in the Marien Chapel with subjects from the Laurentian litany. The holy water font, the tabernacle stele and lights and the altar cross were designed by J. Pechau.


Paradise Garden
The inner courtyard accessed from the foyer is called the Paradise Garden. It got its name from its floor slabs depicting the animals in the Garden of Eden. The slabs were designed by the artist Georg Meistermann.


Ursula Garden
Like the Paradise Garden, the Ursula Garden is accessed from the foyer. It derives its name from the Ursula Well located there. The relief on the well shows Saint Ursula with the 11,000 virgins on her pilgrimage to Rome. They never reached Rome as they were all massacred in Cologne by the Huns.


The dumb ox
In the 13th century, the lyceum of the theologian Albertus Magnus was situated in the street called "An den Dominikanern". His pupils included the young Dominican Thomas Aquinas, who was dubbed the "dumb ox" by his fellow pupils because he was quiet and had a stately figure. One day Albertus Magnus set his pupils a particularly difficult assignment that none of them could answer. After all the pupils except Thomas Aquinas had left the schoolroom, the teacher asked Thomas once more for the solution and he gave an adept answer. Thomas went on to expand the question and enrich it with aspects that even Albertus Magnus himself had still not considered, whereby the latter declared in astonishment: "They call you the dumb ox, but in your teaching you will one day produce such a bellowing that it will be heard throughout the world." Impressed by this story, the people of Cologne honoured the dumb ox in the form of a weather vane on Maternushaus.


Wilhelm Schlote
The well-known contemporary painter Wilhelm Schlote was born in Lüdenscheid in 1946 and nowadays lives in Paris. He became popular with his city posters and cartoon postcards. His works are cheerful and fun-loving. Schlote drafted a picture in his typical cartoon-type style especially for the congress houses of the archdiocese of Cologne.