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01 | 07 | 2022

Church on new ways

The first Catholic Facebook service: In the Palm Sunday in 2013 invited, and the Catholic television work to the Facebook service from the Cologne Maternushaus.

Everlasting adoration

24 hours / 7 days / 52 weeks in the chapel of the Maternushauses.

Everybody is pretty welcome at every time of day and nighttime!


Here it goes to the Internet site "everlasting adoration"


News, reports, videos, podcasts, transference and more from the church and Catholic sphere.

Holy mass

The Marien's chapel is the ecclesiastical centre of the Maternushauses and is consecrated to holy Maria and the first bishop by Cologne, the holy Maternus. She offers to our guests on the one hand the possibility together to celebrate services, on the other hand she is also suited for the individual prayer and to the meditation.


The altar of verona red marble was formed by Elmar Hillebrand. The running around relief tape shows a Rebstock, in the artist's emblem of musicians, to authors, painters, sculptors and actors are trained. The walls of the chapel were painted by Georg Meistermann (born in 1911). With the technology used by Meistermann, the big surface of the general view fits together by single thin lines. The pictures disclose to the viewer by intensive entering on the single works.

Meistermann also formed the glass windows of the Marien's chapel with subjects from the Lauretanischen litany. The stoup, the tabernacle stele as well as candlestick and altar cross became from J. Pechau sketched.


You find other photos of the chapel also here in our galleries.